Field tested

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“With an up-tempo offense, you lack the ability to coach up your quarterback in between plays. GSC’s Coach-to-Player™ system allows me to provide instantaneous feedback to the quarterback while the team moves on to the next play. This communication really helps us develop our athletes at a much quicker pace."

Noel Mazzone
Texas A&M Offensive Coordinator


" GSC’s Coach-to-Player™ made all the difference in the world for our practices. We only had a week to prepare these kids for the biggest job interview of their lives. This really helped us prepare both the kids and us coaches."

Mike Martz
Former Head Coach/Super Bowl Champion


" GSC’s Coach-to-Player™ gives me the opportunity to talk to my Quarterback as if we were in the film room the next day."

Jim Hofher
Iowa State Quarterback Coach


"It was really more of a convenience factor for us with the way we were practicing. Also, I like having those other guys that aren’t in the play being able to hear the play call. I kind of used it more just for teaching, but I do think it’s probably coming down the road."—April 2015, "Nebraska among schools that would favor helmet transmitters for games," Omaha World Herald

Danny Langsdorf
Nebraska Offensive Coordinator


"We were fortunate to begin using the C2P system during our preseason camp in August and enjoyed tremendous results. We saw an increase in the efficiency of our practices as our tempo increased and the QB’s were able to focus on execution and game management. We will continue to rely on the C2P system to develop our QB's and make our offensive practices more productive."

Dave Warner
Michigan State Offensive Coordinator