How c2p is being used

Maximize Practice Time with Coach-to-player™ 

Listen to how Coach Manstedt gets the most out of C2P.


Get more out of 7-ON-7 with Coach-to-player™ 

Coach Huffman explains, C2P is a powerful tool, especially in the summer.


Practice more efficiently with Coach-to-player™ 

Got a new QB or run Tempo sessions in practice?  Listen to how Coach Peterson utilizes C2P to
talk through progressions and get his new QB used to playing at a fast pace.  


Coach-to-player™ in action

Here is a compilation of how two all-star coaches use C2P in Nebraska High Schools.


Coach-to-player™ in action

Find out what two coaches thought about being able to use the Coach-to-Player™ helmet communication systems as part of their practices and strategy implementation. 


Develop Players

GSC’s Coach-to-Player Communications


Maximize Practice Time

GSC’s Coach-to-Player Communication Systems


Recruit Top Athletes

GSC Coach-to-Player Communication