History of GSC Coach-to-Player™ Helmet System


Meet the GSC Leadership Team


Mark Gubser

Mark is a co-founder of GSC. He has over 30 years of experience in the wireless and wired communications technology business designing and developing many different products and systems. Mark has won several awards including design patents and had a significant role as a team member that won an Engineering and Technology Emmy.


Jamie Schnakenberg

As a co-founder of GSC, Jamie enjoys sharing his knowledge with athletic organizations across the country. For over 20 years, Jamie has been involved with the design, system engineering and business development of wireless and wired communication solutions for the NFL, college and high school football organizations.

Jamie takes his knowledge of audio engineering and system design and works with each client to design communication solutions.

Alex Shada
Director of Operations

Alex is the Director of Operations at GSC. A former Nebraska football player, Alex uses his years of managerial and marketing experience for local non-profits to supply GSC with focused business development and strategic marketing plans.

Alex provides all of the details for GSC and communicates with clients to make sure their communication systems are operating as they should.