Hear to win. TM

We are entering Week 4 (and the final week) of the NFL preseason...So far, so good.  It has been busy getting all the kinks worked out, but we are eagerly anticipating the start of another season. 

In College Football, we have a number of teams that are using Coach to Player ™ Helmet Communications to develop their athletes and to maximize every minute of practice.  We've been thrilled with the feedback we've received on how they are using it to bring their athletes along...transfer QB now a starter, backups pushing multi-year starters for playing time, scout team players giving starters a better look and defensive backs recognizing personnel packages quicker than ever.

The High School market is an interesting one.  We only have a few teams that are using C2P in practice, but the interest from others has been tremendous.  Obviously, teams want to use what the pros are using, but the learning curve for young kids has been the biggest area of focus.  Oh...and the tempo in which a team is practicing at is allowing them to get in more reps without adding minutes to practice.

Overall, we're excited for another season and can't wait to work with your program and help you #Hear2win!