Helmets and Headsets: It's Not Just in Your Head

Coach to Coach vs. Coach to Player Communication

Coaches Headsets have been around for years and helped revolutionize the game. 

The value of Coaches Headsets is strictly on game days when the coaches need to coordinate strategies and manage game plans. They are able to get everyone on the same page and adjust to opponents, but really limited to use 10-12 times per season.

Helmet technology from GSC is revolutionizing each practice, which prepares athletes better than ever before. Now coaches can talk directly to players and coach them instantaneously with out interrupting tempo on the field. 

Coach-to-Player (C2P) helmet technology shines as a practice tool and can be used for every practice. Coaches can teach during each repetition with multiple position groups. They are able to provide specific instruction for any player, make adjustments to the defensive line, install strategies quickly or provide instant feedback on the play. All without ever having to interrupt the tempo of practice.

C2P is designed to help develop players and maximize practice time.  It can also be used with ANY existing Coaches Headset System. 

"It's not about what the coaches standing on the sideline know, it's about what the players know."