Book Review: You Win in the Lockeroom First--Final C


Our final blog in our series from "You Win in the Locker Room First" by Jon Gordon and Mike Smith talks about the final of the 7 C's: Care

Caring and dedication are easy ways to show how committed you are to your organization and the mission of what you're doing. But you want to make sure to show the people behind your organization how much you care as well.

Be known for the care that you put into what you're doing. When you care more, you put forth that extra effort, and that can be something that is hard to measure. That extra caring needs to start at the top. Caring becomes contagious and spreads from the coaching staff to the rest of the team. 

Jon gives tips on ways to show that you care: notes, phone calls, or encouraging words to show people appreciation. These are all ways to show people that they matter. "Caring is the ultimate team-building strategy."

Mike Smith talks about how just the simple act of being present is a way to show the people you're with that you care about them. Mike talks about how important it is to value your team for who they are as individuals and not just for what they can do for the team. Everyone wants to feel valued and cared about.

Jon Gordon talks about developing a Caring Trademark, a way of showing your feelings for a player through a particular way. It could be thank you notes, or a newsletter or regular quick one-on-one meetings. Find what method works for you and then capitalize on it. So that when people receive your trademark, they know that it comes from the heart.

Mike and Jon wrap up the book by blending the 7 C's with two of the biggest C's: Coaching and Character. 

Winning in the locker room doesn't mean you'll win on the field. It's not a guarantee. But when you look at how to create a positive culture of caring and can communicate and encourage an attitude of commitment and connectivity consistently, you're already ahead of the game before you even hit the field.