GSC's C2P practice systems are engineered so that you can make the most out of every second of practice.

There's no more yelling, missed calls or repeating yourself during a drill. One coach can communicate with several groups and get everyone on the same page. Coaches are able to provide instant feedback to any or all athletes on a given play. Maintaining the tempo of practice while maximizing each repetition. Instant. Secure. 

For Pros

GSC's C2P practice system allows each second of practice to be used most efficiently. Your plays are run through a secure system so no one can listen in on your strategy.


For College

GSC's college practice systems are very similar to the ones that players will be using once they reach the NFL. This is a powerful recruiting tool as players are eager to work with teams that will prepare them for future success. 

For High School

GSC's C2P systems are a  great way to develop young athletes, providing coaching instruction to multiple position groups at the same time. These systems are slightly modified versions of the ones the pros use and can be customized for your program.