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A GSC System for Every Level

We make unique systems for all levels—from high school to professional.



GSC is proud to be the sole provider of Coach-to-Player systems for the NFL. Our C2P systems provide accuracy, security and momentum to the game.

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College practice systems are designed to help teams develop players and maximize practice time. Our C2P college systems are a great recruiting tool as players are eager to transition to the professional level.

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High School

High School systems are an effective way to conduct practices and to develop athletes by increasing repetitions. You can customize the system to fit your team’s specific needs.

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How we help you win

Our helmet communication systems offer many benefits to take your organization to the next level.




Our Coach-to-Player communication systems are acknowledged by leading helmet manufacturers. 




GSC’s products provide athletes an instant tutorial while maintaining the tempo of practice. Teams are able to maximize each rep for members of each position group. Everyone is able to hear the play being called and coaching tips provided.




Our C2P systems offer real-time feedback to athletes, helping develop your starters down to the scout team players. Our systems can be used by any position group on the field allowing the tempo of practice to be uninterrupted.



Easy to use

We handle the setup of all of our systems and work with you on the installation. GSC customer service techs are available 24-7.



Enhanced, digital technology assures that your team is the only one that hears your calls.


GSC is proud to be the sole provider of Coach-to-Player systems for the NFL. Our C2P systems provide accuracy, security and momentum to  your practice and games. More than just a helmet, microphone and speaker, our engineers design entire communication systems for both practice and game day, making sure coaches are able to communicate with players when they need it the most.


GSC's C2P practice systems are engineered so that you can make the most out of every second of practice.

There's no more yelling, missed calls or repeating yourself during a drill. One coach can communicate with several groups and get everyone on the same page. Coaches are able to provide instant feedback to any or all athletes on a given play. Maintaining the tempo of practice while maximizing each repetition. Instant. Secure. 

For Pros

GSC's C2P practice system allows each second of practice to be used most efficiently. Your plays are run through a secure system so no one can listen in on your strategy.


For College

GSC's college practice systems are very similar to the ones that players will be using once they reach the NFL. This is a powerful recruiting tool as players are eager to work with teams that will prepare them for future success. 

For High School

GSC's C2P systems are a  great way to develop young athletes, providing coaching instruction to multiple position groups at the same time. These systems are slightly modified versions of the ones the pros use and can be customized for your program.


GSC's Game Day systems are designed for teams at the professional and collegiate level. These systems are complex and designed to comply with league regulations in order to maintain consistency and communication security for teams on game day.

The Game Day systems are designed to increase efficiencies during the game, both for the teams using C2P and television networks looking for increased sponsorship opportunities. Coaches are able to communicate with players leading up to a play, but our systems can be designed to be “cut-off” at a predetermined time on the play clock. The Game Day system cleans up the game with fewer penalties, increases the speed of play and ensures your play calls are clear and secure.