“With an up-tempo offense, you lack the ability to coach up your quarterback in between plays. GSC’s Coach to Player system allows me to provide instantaneous feedback to the quarterback while the team moves on to the next play. This communication really helps us develop our athletes at a much quicker pace."

Noel Mazzone
Texas A&M Offensive Coordinator

Maximize Practice Time

Make the most of every minute of practice. There's no repeating yourself during drills. Being able to communicate instantly with the team means no wasted down time and the ability to get in more reps per play.


Develop Your Athletes

Provide instant tutorials to your players. Your coaching tips are delivered immediately, no waiting until the end of practice or the next day. 


Recruit Top Performers

Players are eagerly anticipating their athletic futures with the pros. Being able to offer the latest technology to young athletes is a great way to attract young recruits.


We have you covered

Our Coach-to-Player communication systems have been used for years by the NFL. Now GSC has designed a system specifically to help college teams get the same winning advantage.